Anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people seek support through therapy. Whilst it is commonly accepted that anxiety is an unavoidable aspect of the human condition, we also know that it impacts our experience of life, if it’s frequency and intensity are excessive, and it is not managed effectively.

The feelings of dread, restlessness, irritability and physical manifestations (headaches, back pain, stomach upsets, shortness of breath, lump in throat) can range from just annoying/frustrating to unbearable/paralysing, and it is no wonder that we clamour for instant relief.

Common complaints that my clients bring to therapy, in relation to anxiety are: “I’m all over the place”, “ I can’t switch my head off”, I’m always thinking about what I did wrong, or what I need to do”, and “I constantly feel restless”. These statements largely emanate from the fact that modern life is overwhelmingly busy and relentlessly  competitive. Our society has a tendency to minimise, ignore or numb our ‘negative emotions” rather than talk about them openly and deal with them in healthy and collaborative ways.

Let me help you to:

  • Slow down and cultivate balance
  • Learn to trust your own instincts
  • Redirect your attention
  • Change your perspectives and adjust your attitudes
  • Spend more time in the present moment