Mindfulness is the art of really ‘living in the moment’. The question of why mindfulness has become so popular in recent years is an easy one to answer, it works! Research increasingly shows that a little mindfulness goes a long way: improved sleep, reduction in the experiences of stress and anxiety, regulation of emotion, and an increased sense of wellbeing.

We live in a very fast paced world where we are increasingly disconnected from ourselves, and our surrounds. We are constantly bombarded with emails, texts, the internet and phone calls, that often seem to demand our immediate attention. Many of us have become the caricature of the “stick figure”,  heads walking on sticks,where we no longer feel our bodies and are out of touch with them from the neck down. This lack of presence, can greatly contribute to strong feelings of both stress and anxiety. It can also cause us to be disconnected from what we are actually feeling.

Mindfulness does not eliminate the stresses or stressors from your life – your kids will still have tantrums, drivers will still switch lanes without indicating, and it will still rain when your line is full of freshly dried washing – but how you choose to relate to the “stuff” of daily
life will be more measured and skilful.

Let me help you to:

  • Explore how mindfulness might benefit your own situation
  • Reconnect to your body, and what it is feeling
  • Reconnect to your emotions, and what they are telling you
  • Disengage the auto pilot in your head
  • Learn to experience the world more directly